Vision and Mission


College Motto:


"To Be the Best Man You Can Be"

Inspired and animated by Jesus Christ, De La Salle is a Catholic College in the Lasallian tradition.

Our vision is to provide young men with a Christian education through a commitment to:

  • Excellence in teaching and learning,
  • Pastoral care within our community
  • Extensive Co-curricula opportunities

In a caring and supportive community we strive to nurture young men of faith, action and compassion who will make a difference in our world and who are inspired to practise their faith, work for justice and serve others. 


De La Salle Catholic College Ashfield is a Christian community which provides quality educational opportunities for its students. In the spirit of stewardship our young men are challenged and supported to reach their full potential in the traditions of St John Baptist de la Salle.

  • Our College is a Catholic community nurtured by the love of God, inspired by Jesus Christ and committed to the Gospel. Through knowledge and deep understanding of Jesus Christ our community is given confidence to work for social justice, reconciliation and freedom.
  • Our College is a family of students who are ‘brothers’ to one another, whereby each member is valued and appreciated for his unique gifts.  The challenges of youth are supported by an understanding, firm and compassionate staff, who work with families to promote self-discipline and hope.
  • Our College is a centre that strives for academic excellence and caters for a wide range of students’ talents and needs.  It inspires students to strive for personal goals by providing a broad curriculum and innovative methodologies. It is a centre of learning which enables students to prepare for life, work and a myriad of personal challenges.
  • Our College is a place of partnership between staff, parents, pupils, parish and the wider community. The College adopts a collaborative approach to education, bringing parents into the learning cycle, to provide the best possible opportunities for students founded upon the Lasallian charism. 
  • Our College is a community where excellent pedagogical practice, quality facilities and ‘state of the art’ resources, are available to ensure that a student achieves their potential.
  • Our College promotes inclusion and the development of the whole person through academic rigor, pastoral care, social justice, sport and extracurricular activities.
  • Our College is a multicultural community where respect and responsibility for the individual, society is essential to promote understanding, tolerance and integrity.
  • Our College actively promotes service to the poor and the disadvantaged in our own community, and in the wider community.


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