Centre for Learning and Innovation

The Centre for Learning and Innovation is the learning heart of the College.  A light, air-conditioned, well appointed learning environment where students can research and study in an environment conducive to education.  The Centre is open from 8 am daily and is a place where students find the atmosphere welcoming and studious.

The collection of books and materials are being constantly updated. College staff are always available to assist students in acquiring the research skills necessary to successfully complete their assignments.

A wide range of fiction, graphic novels, magazines and newspapers is on offer to encourage reading for pleasure and to thereby enhance literacy skills.


  • Oliver - our cataloguing system for our library resources 
  • Clickview Online - our educational programs online


The Centre exists to support students and staff in their learning and to reflect whole College policies.  The Centre strives to support the College in its task of educating the students to be the best they can be in every endeavour.


  • That the Centre structures, policies, procedures and practices should be in harmony with Gospel values, and we acknowledge the dignity and worth of each person.  In particular, the library staff acknowledges the crucial relevance of Catholic values.  The library will operate in the light of these values and aid in their dissemination throughout the school
  • To provide access to suitable resources for students and staff to facilitate learning
  • To assist students in developing research skills to enable lifelong learning
  • To provide adequate and suitable recreational material to students and staff, to foster a love of reading, and to enhance literacy and thinking skills
  • To provide a physical and social environment which is safe, accepting, helpful and conducive to learning.