College Life

   De La Salle Catholic College Ashfield challenges young men to realise their full academic potential in the true spirit of our Founder, St John Baptist De La Salle.  The focus of our College is on education towards responsibility and for students to strive to be the best man they can be in life. The College offers a broad curriculum aimed at meeting each student's learning needs.  Our rigorous, challenging and extensive curricula includes both academic and vocational streams.  The curriculum is augmented by an enrichment program for gifted students and a learning support unit which assists students to fully realise their potential. 


The College's wide ranging curriculum ensures that each student has the opportunity to make appropriate subject choices, helping him to set realistic, acheivable and challenging goals.  The College gives students the opportunity to experience success in their studies, provide the basis for success in their lives beyond school, and instil in each student a lifelong love of learning.