Information Communication and Technology feature prominently in all aspects of the College Curriculum.  The College operates an intranet and server with each student having a passkey operated personal drive for saving and editing their own work.  ‘Google Apps’ are used by students and staff for the sharing and access of information.

The College has a wireless network and mobile wireless laptop classrooms with each student having a laptop. In conjunction with digital interactive whiteboards, students have access to the most cutting edge technology available in the classroom.

As a result of the Commonwealth Government’s ‘Digital Education Revolution,’ all students have permanent use of their own ‘Macbook’ laptop computer.  Teachers are well versed in using laptops in their classrooms to maximise learning outcomes.

Elective classes in technology are available from Years 9 to 12 for students who wish to specialise in computer software applications and design.  With highly trained staff and a full time ICT Support Person, our students are taught using the most up-to-date software and methods available.