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Sydney Catholic School Enrolment Policy Documents




We recommend that parents consider the following points regarding their son's enrolment at De La Salle Catholic College Ashfield:

  1. Is the situation at home conducive to study?
  2. Is there somewhere well-lit and reasonably quiet where he can do his homework?
  3. Can you allow your son conditions to study for 1½ hours each night?
  4. Is your family prepared to actively support the College’s pursuit of a Catholic Education? Please note that we enjoy a real partnership between the College and home in the total education of our students.  This obviously involves more than just academic development and seeks to promote a student’s social, physical and spiritual growth as well.
  5. Are you willing to become involved in the life of the College community through your support of the various groups and committees (e.g. Parents & Friends Association)?
  6. Are you prepared to support and challenge your son to achieve his full potential as a student through your attendance at Parent/Teacher evenings and keeping yourself informed of his study/homework commitments?
  7. Will you act to prevent your son becoming over-burdened with outside commitments, such as team sports?
  8. Will you regularly check that your son maintains a high standard of attendance and punctuality and completes assignments and homework?  All absences must be notified to the office before 9.00 a.m. each day.



Students are expected:

  1. To work consistently in class and follow the teacher’s directions
  2. To attend school and all classes on time
  3. To accept the College rules in helping them to develop self-discipline
  4. To wear the College or sport uniforms with pride, aware that they represent the College
  5. To use their gifts and talents to create a better College community
  6. For Year 7, to attend the camp before Easter and all other excursions
  7. To proudly represent the College in sporting activities, especially the MCC competition
  8. To act politely and behave in a cooperative way while attending the College and whilst travelling to & from the College
  9. To respect College property and the property of fellow-students
  10. To respect teachers and fellow students in a Christian manner.