The Mathematics Department at De La Salle Catholic College Ashfield is committed to developing an appreciation of the importance of mathematics in today's world and for the future. The new Mathematics syllabus allows students to develop their mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding through a range of learning experiences across:

  • Number and Algebra, eg financial mathematics, ratios and rates, and equations
  • Measurement and Geometry, eg angle relationships, trigonometry and Pythagoras' theorem
  • Statistics and Probability, eg data collection and representation.

They develop their problem-solving skills and mathematical reasoning and communication.

Students develop a deeper understanding of Statistics and Probability.

In addition to subject-based content, all syllabuses address important contemporary themes and general capabilities as students prepare to live and work successfully in the 21st century. 

In Year 11 (HSC Preliminary Course), three levels of study are offered: General Mathematics, Mathematics (2 Unit) and Extenxion 1 (3 Unit).

In Year 12 (HSC Course), four levels of study are offered: General Mathematics, Mathematics (2 Unit), Extenxion 1 (3 Unit) and Extenxion 2 (4 Unit). 

Students at the College are also encouraged to participate in ventures such as the Australian Mathematics Competition and the Australian Mathematics Challenge. In recent years, we have competed in the Archdiocesan "Mind on Maths" competition.

We are confident that the combination of a dedicated and experienced staff and a commitment to the fundamentals will continue to bring success to the students at the College.