Our Founders / Traditions

The College was founded in 1916 by the De La Salle Brothers and was under their direction until 1972, when lay leadership commenced.  Today, the Lasallian traditions and charism are still highly valued by all of the College community and remain at the heart of the College.

De La Salle is a Catholic College established in the tradition of St John Baptist De La Salle.  St John Baptist De La Salle established schools for all those seeking education through Christ and his influence on education was recognised by the Church with his recognition as Patron Saint of all Teachers.

The Mission of the College is shaped by the thoughts of St John Baptist and is reflected in the ethos and culture of the College.  The model of the Lasallian school is based on God's love:  To have unconditional regard for one another, as God has unconditional regard for us.  Every Lasallian school has an emphasis on relationships as being at the core of our work.  We are brother and sister to one another.

The Lasallian school aims to provide a calm, affectionate and respectful environment for students and staff;  to walk patiently with students through hard times, to congratulate them in times of success, to challenge them and to make every effort to touch their hearts.

The Lasallian school strives to provide a well-disciplined, academic and spiritual environment.  We aim to provide an excellent education for the diversity of students of all abilities.  We are a place where a student who has not succeeded elsewhere can find a second chance; where gifted students are encouraged to use their talents to excel and for students to offer service to their community.

The Lasallian school believes in inclusion and all are welcomed and all are valued.  Our first concern is for the students to reach their full academic potential.  The students are at the centre of our College and we would like all students in need to find a safe, caring environment that helps them grow in confidence and courage.


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