Principal's Message

Celebrating 100 Years of Service to Boys’ Education in the Inner-West.

De La Salle Catholic College Ashfield was established in 1916 as a Regional Catholic Boys' school to challenge young men to realise their full potential - to be the best they can be, in the true spirit of our Founder, St-John Baptist De La Salle

De La Salle Catholic College Ashfield is committed to providing an education that is built on a 300 year old Lasallian tradition – an education that is academically rigorous, spiritually engaging and physically challenging.  The College believes that this education moulds young boys into men of action, integrity, compassion and self-discipline. The College focuses on Education towards Responsibility so that each and every student may reach their full academic potential.

We aim to develop in the students a sense of responsibility, respect for authority and a spirit of loyalty.  We endeavour to teach our students the ability to work with and be considerate of others by being punctual and diligent in all that they do.  The College strives to encourage and develop initiative, self-confidence and the ability to work independently.  Students are encouraged to constantly seek and speak the truth and to strive for justice in our world.

These values are very important for young men and it is hoped that, where boys learn in an environment that respects and accepts these values, they will shape their lives according to these values.

Your son begins his life here as a boy and will finish his days at the College as a rounded young man.  It is our privilege to be able to share with you the great task of educating your son to be a valuable member of the community.


Stephen Kennaugh