Religious Education

Religious Education enables young people to understand, appreciate and celebrate the richness of the Catholic Tradition.

The Religious Education curriculum supports the catechetical and evangelising mission of the Church while supporting young people in their lifelong journey in faith.

The Religious Education curriculum has been developed to stimulate and challenge students, especially in their understanding of Scripture and Tradition, their critical thinking and moral reasoning. It is based upon sound pedagogical practices. Central to the curriculum, and its effective teaching, is the To Know, Worship and Love textbook series and resources.

During Stage 4 and 5, students will undertake a course in Religious Education.

During Stage 6, students will undertake one of the following subjects:

  • Studies of Religion I 
  • Studies of Religion II
  • Catholics Studies

Comprehensive Religious Education also includes integration of Catholic values across the curriculum, the liturgical and prayer life of the school, opportunities for retreats and reflection days, and community service programs and voluntary groups. 

Students have been involved in many areas of social justice.  In particular, the College focuses on the work of Caritas by actively supporting Project Compassion during Lent.