Science is the study of the World around us - you learn all about the world that we live in - how things work, what living things there are, how things happen, etc. The Science Department at De La Salle Catholic College Ashfield is committed to developing a thirst for learningThe new Science syllabus allows:

  • Students to develop their skills in science inquiry through hands-on practical experiences, including student research projects.
  • They further develop their understanding about how evidence-based scientific knowledge explains the Physical World, Earth and Space, the Living World and the Chemical World.
  • Students learn more about the importance of the contribution and influence of science in their own lives and in finding solutions to personal, social and global issues.

In addition to subject-based content, all syllabuses address important contemporary themes and general capabilities as students prepare to live and work successfully in the 21st century. 

All students study Science throughout Stage 4 and 5 ( years 7-10). The students study Science in a contextual manner that addresses all of the traditional sciences such as astronomy, biology, chemistry, ecology and physics, in a way that links them together. Within the Junior Science course, the students are guided through the processes of developing and designing investigations and communicating their results in a variety of ways. Their skills in manipulating equipment and working in teams are reinforced.

The following courses are offered in Stage 6: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Senior Science, with many students opting to study one or two of the Science courses for their HSC.