Vision for Learning

Our Vision for Learning at De La Salle Ashfield


De La Salle Catholic College…

  • is a Lasallian community, where all members are respected, valued, and accorded true dignity, where Gospel values underpin all relationships

  • is an inclusive and collaborative environment that respects and nurtures all members to reach their potential

  • is a place where the quality and care of our facilities and environment reflect the primary value placed on learning as our core work

  • values honesty and reflective practice, enabling continued growth and development for our community of learners.


  • will be responsible for, aware of and have a voice in their own learning

  • will become young men of strong character, equipped with the skills to be active, faith-filled, compassionate young men

  • will be motivated to achieve their best through through immersion in rich, challenging and authentic learning experiences

  • will develop essential skills as life-long learners through our focus on collaboration, creativity, critical-thinking and communication.


  • will be committed and effective educators who place their own learning and the learning of their students at the centre of their professional lives

  • are part of a collaborative learning community where innovation and life-long learning are fostered

  • will have high expectations, providing engaging and appropriately challenging learning opportunities for all students

  • are all teachers of literacy and numeracy and must be skilled to cater for a diverse range of abilities through sound approaches to pedagogy, including:

    • effective use of data and feedback

    • cooperative, collaborative and inquiry-based learning

    • use of technology to support authentic learning

  • are partners in learning with parents, staff, students and the wider community.


  • will be welcomed through inclusive professional and personal partnerships, with their son as our focus

  • will be engaged with the College in their son’s learning through effective communication and a range of opportunities for involvement in College life

  • are valued in the continued development of our shared vision of education

  • together with the broader community, play an integral role in fostering the cultural, spiritual, intellectual and social dimensions essential for the growth of the whole person.