De La Salle - Staff
Leadership Team
Principal Mr P Forrester
Assistant Principal Mr W Wheatley
Director of Faith and Mission Mr J Dunn
Director of Learning
and Wellbeing
Mr M Corcoran
Director of Learning
and Pedagogy – Newman
Ms K D’Cunha
Director of Administration Mr R Di Mauro
Office Manager Ms M Rayment
Leaders of Wellbeing
Stage 6 Leader  Mr R Garcia
Stage 6 Support Teacher Mr M Musumeci
Stage 5 Leader Mr T Mansour
Stage 5 Support Teacher Ms A Miskell
Stage 4 Leader Ms M Giveen
Stage 4 Support Teacher Ms J Kim
Leaders of Learning
Religious Education Mr J Dunn
English Mrs M Mavrakis
Mathematics Mr R Di Mauro
HSIE Mr P Floratos
Science Mr S Yeomans
Creative and Performing Arts Ms A Wells
 TAS / VET Mr D Kovacic
LOTE Mr W Wheatley
PDHPE MS M Ireland
Teaching Staff
Mr T Afungia Mrs J Kim
Ms T Adamson Mr N Manganas
Mr R Allan Ms A Miskell
Ms M Badasi Ms A Mouawad
Dr J Bale Ms H Nikiforidis
Mrs T Camporeale Ms M Piperias
Mr D Carter Mr G Rahal
Ms E Clifton Mr S Ramdutt
Mrs J Cortiana Mrs S Saadeh
Mr J Dublewicz Mr D Taleb
Mr G Hayek Mr Z Taseki
Mr C Hill Mrs V Zucchetti
Mr R Kelly
Administration Staff
Office Manager        Ms M Rayment
PA to the Principal                Mrs M Oxford
Lasallian Youth Leader        
Office Administration        Mrs M Di Fluri
Office Administration        Mrs C Butera
Office Administration        Mrs B Bilotta
Lab Assistant        Mrs U Venkatraman
TAS Assistant        Mrs M Fisher
Centre for Learning and Innovation
Librarian Dr J Bale
Learning Resource
Mrs C Marshall
Learning Resource
Mrs K Wojcik
Diverse Learning Support Officers
Mrs V Geronimo       Ms K Platcher
Ms K Simonet