Sean-Mumby De La Salle College AShfield Software DeveloperIt has been a busy time for Year 12 Software Design and Development student Sean Mumby. After eight months of hard work, Sean has developed a Chrome add-on called SuiteTab. In Sean’s words, “It’s sweet because it’s a Suite.”

Targeted to busy people, SuiteTab is a productivity tool helping everyone stay on-task and organised. Sean says the Chrome extension supports many features such as a to-do checklist, live countdowns, note pads, URL bookmarks, display settings including full screen, live weather and a highly configurable background. Included is a zoom feature for vision-impaired users and data back-up to transfer information across devices and Chrome accounts, he added.

Outside of the classroom the product is also receiving rave reviews from users and can be downloaded for free by visiting the Chrome Web Store.